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High Water Bill?

There are two main causes of an unusually high water bill:
 Leakage in your water distribution system or an inaccurate meter.

How To Check Your Water Distribution System:

1.  Start by removing cover
     from the meter box (located
     near the street); Carefully
     set the sensor to the side (Do
     not pull on any wires).

3.  If the small indicator rotates 
     (even very slowly) while no
     plumbing fixtures are being
     used in the house, then turn
     off your main water cut off
     (not the meter cut off) and
     check your meter.

         A.  If the small indicator is
               still moving you have a
               leak in your water line
               between the meter and
               your house cut off.  The
               line needs to be dug up
               and repaired.

          B.  If the small indicator
               stops than you have a
               leak at one of your 
               pumbing fixtures.

2.  Open hanged cover on meter
     face and wipe off the glass
     cover.  Notice the small red
     triangular, blue triangular, or
     the gear shaped indicator. 
     Slight movement indicates the
     use of more that a fast drop of
     water.  When a faucet or
     commode is used it spins fast.



The Most Common Areas For Leaks In A


1)  Remove tank lid and check water
     level.  It should be 1/2" or
     more below the top of
     the overflow tube.

2)  Now mark the level of the water
     on the tank with a pencil.

3)  In a few minuets come back and
     check the level.  If the water
     level drops, replace the
     flapper at the bottom of the
4)  Listen carefully for noise at the
     ball cock valve.

5)  If the ball cock valve is making
     noises and won't shut off,
     replace it.

                                         Hot Water Heater

          1)  Check the pressure relief valve for leaks.  It's brass and located 
               near the top of the heater.
          2)  Check pipes leading to remote areas.


          1)  Check your outside faucets for drips.
          2)  Replace or repair any indoor faucets that will not completely shut off.
          3)  Check the water lines under your house with a flashlight.  Be
               alert to any lines that lead to remote faucets or outside

          After checking all of these areas and you find no leaks,
      then either you have a faulty meter or your household uses
       more water than you realize.  Many people underestimate 
        the monthly fluctuation in household water consumption
         and its effects on their water bill.  If you still think your
                meter is faulty, you can call the city to check it.

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